Machines reduce our work. Machines are fast. We are habitual to working with machines. The introduction of machines and the biggest example is the “Calculator”, made the human mind think less, made us more efficient, do more work & made us a little lazy.

Smartphones are the latest and to stay machines in the real world. We have become dependent and lazy with the introduction of smartphones. Smartphones have brought the world in our hands. Smartphones help us reduce our work. They make us more efficient and productive. Smartphones are smart and we need to become smarter to use it to its capability. A smartphone is a revolution and talking about what we can and what a smartphone can do is endless.

With smartphones and access to the internet, businesses & companies are going digital to bring their services to their customer’s fingertips.

But before we move towards using our smartphones to go digital, the question is – Are we using our smartphones smartly?

I understand it is boring to read everything in one go, so I have divided the blog into topics.

  1. Security
  2. Storage
  3. Save & Earn
  4. Miscellaneous

We need security for important people like Prime Ministers, Presidents, Celebrities, Billionaires etc. We need security for our building, ATMs, banks, museums etc. We provide security from terrorists, robbers, burglars. Similarly, our smartphones need to be secured from online robbers called “Hackers“. Smartphones can do a lot more than just calling and sending SMS. We click pictures, do online transactions, check our e-mails etc. The data in our smartphone should be protected from hackers.

  • How to secure your smartphone
    1. Fingerprint Lock
      A lot of smartphones come with a fingerprint sensor to provide us with enhanced security. The first step is to register our fingerprint(s) to unlock our smartphone.fingerprintYou need not get disappointed if a smartphone with fingerprint lock is not falling in your budget, you can still make use of pattern/pin/password lock provided in every smartphone.It is important to select the one you are comfortable when unlocking your phone. Make sure when you keep a pattern/pin/password, it is not related to you or any of your family member. A hacker might have access to your and your family’s date of births, your marriage anniversary, your mobile numbers through Facebook, Google or any other website. If he has this data, unlocking the phone will become simpler for the hacker. So, it is important to keep a password like mh$wkl12zo@ which does not make any sense. I know it is difficult to remember such a password but you need to put an effort to gain something.
    2. Lock your applications
      After locking your phone, the next important step is to lock your transaction and data apps like WhatsApp, Gmail, gallery, BHIM app, PayTM etc. To lock your apps, nowadays smartphones come with an inbuilt option of “App lock”:applock-inbuilt If you don’t have an inbuilt app lock feature, you can download AppLock from Google Play. You can set up app lock for various apps with a pattern/password/pin depending on your preference. I have downloaded AppLock from Google Play and locked BHIM app. Whenever I open BHIM app, AppLock will ask me for the pattern to access the app.applock-download
    3. Set mPIN for transaction apps
      Using Applock, you can lock your contacts, messages, gallery, WhatsApp which have your data. It is important to lock the apps but it is more important to provide one more level of security to your transaction apps like BHIM app, Axis bank app, Bank of Baroda app, PayTM etc. as you will be having your bank account details stored and you will be dealing with money with these apps. These apps have an inbuilt mPIN which is required to access the app. So when you download the app, it will ask you if you want to set-up mPIN. Do set an mPIN which does not have any relation with you.


I know a lot of people might be abusing me and getting bored that why I am locking these many times when my fingerprint is unique.

I will relate the above steps with your home scenario and you have cash kept in your vault. The first step (fingerprint lock) is locking your house, the second step (app lock) is locking your cupboard, the third step (mPIN) is locking your vault. I am sure the abuses thrown on me are taken back :D.

  • Anti-theft protection: We all fear to lose our smartphone to a thief while traveling or in any public place. Smartphone manufacturers are competing for the thinnest & lightest smartphone and sometimes we don’t understand if our smartphone is in our pocket. I hope it doesn’t happen but in case your smartphone is stolen, the thief might not be able to access the data as we have locked our smartphone smartly but our smartphone is gone and it is difficult to find it. But, there is still a way to locate your smartphone if you have taken the following steps:
    1. After securing your smartphone with the steps I explained, Go to Settings >>> Security >>> Device administrators, make sure Applock and Android Device Manager should be checked. If they are unchecked, anyone can uninstall Applock and one level of security is gone. Android Device Manager helps in locating your smartphone in case you have lost or misplaced it.androiddevicemanagerIf you don’t have Android Device Manager you can download it from Google Play. It is linked to your google account and very easy to access. It also has additional features like Ring, Lock, and Erases. If you are not able to locate the phone, click on Ring and your phone will ring for five minutes. If you think you have lost your phone, you can lock your phone and erase all the data from your smartphone.
    2. If you don’t trust google’s anti-theft feature, you can download Avast Anti-Theft, I have personally used and I am pretty much satisfied with it. Read the instructions and test before you start using it.
    3. For, iOS (Apple) users, there is an inbuilt feature to find your lost iPhone called Find My iPhone.
  • Install a verified app: Daily more than 2500 apps are added to Google Play and App Store combined. There are a lot of applications with the same name. You can check the genuineness of any app from Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) by checking who the developer is and reading the comments. You cannot make a mistake when you download your bank app as for first time registration, the bank requires your personal details so you need to be 110% sure about the app you are downloading. If you are unsure about the app, visit your nearest bank branch and download the app after receiving a confirmation from the bank.

A lot of people don’t use smartphones for online shopping or bank transactions in fear of these hackers. We have money at our home yet we sleep peacefully in the night because we have hired a security guard who can protect us from theft. We need to download security guard online for our smartphones so we start using smartphones smartly. I hope my knowledge on securing smartphone helped you gain confidence in the online world.


Storage nowadays has not been a problem as smartphone manufacturers are providing ample amount of storage in all the smartphones. The storage problem starts after six months of usage as our smartphone now contains a lot of pictures, videos, uninstalled apps, messages, WhatsApp chats etc. We have all heard the quote – “Stitch in time saves nine.”

  • It is irritating to see the below message pop-up every time you install a new app or try to click pictures from your phone after a little avoid seeing the above message download CCleaner/Clean Master if it is not pre-installed.ccleaner-clearThis app will clean cache, empty folders, maps cache, WhatsApp sent folders etc. If you don’t want to trust a third-party app modifying your smartphone, you can do it manually by going to Settings >>> Application Manager >>> Storage >> Clear Cache (you might not have the same path, try to find similar names section). You will have to do it manually for each application on your smartphone.paytm-clean-cache
  • We download files, images etc. from emails or browsers in our smartphones. The purpose of the file might be temporary but we forget to delete them and they keep increasing our storage. To delete these files, download File Manager (if not pre-installed), go to the Downloads section and delete the unimportant files.
  • To gain control over the market, apps are tying up with smartphone manufacturers to pre-install their app when they launch the smartphone. We don’t use these apps and unknowingly we even update the apps which increase our storage. The problem with pre-installed apps is we can’t uninstall them and so we need to disable the app. To disable an app, go to Settings >>> Application Manager >>> Disable (the path might be different for each phone try to search for similar name section)disable-app
  • Before buying a new smartphone, the first thing we ask is “Will WhatsApp work in this phone?”. If we get a “yes” to our question, then only we buy the phone. WhatsApp has come a long way from sharing text message, images, audio, videos to pdf files. There are a lot of groups where people share “Good Morning”, “Good Night”, “Happy Birthday” text, images, audio, video etc. Every family has their group, an extended family group, a cousin’s group where during occasions/festivals people share same images. WhatsApp by default has an auto-download feature and to our disappointment, a lot of similar images/audio/video get stored in our smartphone and increase our storage.Default WhatsApp settings allow images to get downloaded when we are on our mobile data, all types of media will get downloaded when we are connected to wi-fi.whatsapp-guide-to-restrict-media-auto-downloadOn registering on WhatsApp the first thing to do is change the above settings. The solution to this is to open WhatsApp >>> Settings >>> Data usagewhatsapp-autodownloadThis will help in downloading only what you require rather than everything getting downloaded which will eventually save storage.
  • It is always better to have more storage in our phone so our smartphone doesn’t give us a headache and works smoothly. The pictures that we click/receive on WhatsApp can be moved to a laptop/PC. We need to delete unwanted messages and WhatsApp chat.
    I have got people telling me that what if they don’t have a laptop. Well, you need to buy an OTG cable which will help you connect to a pen drive and you can transfer the data to the pen drive.Carrying an OTG cable and pen drive everywhere has chances of getting misplaced. If you have got good internet pack or good Wi-Fi connection, transfer your data to Google Drive (Android), Dropbox, iCloud (Apple) as they all provide free cloud storage (up to 5GB). The advantage of moving data to a cloud is they can be accessed anywhere and from any device. This also removes a headache of transferring data while changing phones.

Save & Earn

There is an old saying – “₹1 saved is ₹1 earned.”

  • PayTM/MobiKwik/Freecharge/PayUMoney have helped us save our time by not going to the local shop for recharging or finding the nearest gallery to pay our bill. These apps have also helped us save our commute time and long queue (especially for paying electricity & telephone bills). Even our mobile network apps like Airtel, Vodafone, IDEA, Reliance etc. are available on Google Play and App Store which can be downloaded and used for recharging or paying bills.
    In addition to this, we can get instant cashback/discount when we recharge/pay through these apps. To increase saving, sign up for below apps if you haven’t already and before paying, visit the offers section in the below apps:
    Mobikwik link – Sign up with MobiKwik, use my referral code D8J355. You get ₹ 50 when you add ₹ 10.0 to your wallet.
    PayZapp link – Do your first merchant Payment using PayZapp & get Rs.50 CashBack to PayZapp wallet. Download link: Referral code: dhth72
    PhonePe – Hey, get Rs.150 cashback when you make your first UPI transaction on PhonePe! Install the app here –
    Tapzo link – Do a transaction on Cabs (Ola, Uber) or Food (Swiggy, Zomato etc.) or local deals and both of us will get Rs.80 Tapzo Cash. Min transaction amount: Rs.100. Download app from:


  • Save a few more bucks by uploading your bills (e.g. Restaurant, hotel, Uber, Ola, MTNL, electricity, phone etc.)
    CrownIt – Win incredible prizes like iPhone 7 & International Trips by sending photo of your daily bills of grocery, electricity, restaurants etc. Download now-


  • We all want to own a car and then we think of where will we park. The roads in Mumbai are narrow, especially South Mumbai and we chuck the plan of buying a car. Thanks to online cab service, we can travel in luxury. The cab will pick you up from your building and drop you wherever you want. Before booking check the offers section to avail discount.
    Uber – I’m giving you ₹50 off each of your first 3 Uber rides. To accept, use code ‘xg7i8’ to sign up. Enjoy! Details:
    Ola – I have an Ola coupon worth Rs. 50 for you. Sign up with my code D4A4MD to avail the coupon and ride for free! Download: know how to drive but can’t buy a car due to parking space issue, you can rent any car (including fuel) and go for a drive.
    Zoomcar – Use my code ODUwMjQ1 to make your first booking with Zoomcar and get 15% off! (Max: 750Rs) Download their app now –


  • Apps like Goibibo, Cleartrip, Make My Trip (MMT) etc. can help us in booking hotels, resorts, bus, flights, trains and guiding us with necessary information about the place we are visiting. We can decide which hotels are good by checking user reviews and the popularity of the hotels. When we book through apps we get more discounts than we get on the website. A lot of companies have stopped providing website service and focusing more on the app because people can access their smartphones while traveling, in the washrooms, while having food. Using smartphone for such purposes will give us more options, make us more efficient and we can be more productive in our work. The added advantage is we as a society can move towards cashless. You can read my blog on why we should become A Cashless Society.
    If you haven’t already signed up, wait no more.
    MakeMyTrip – Hi, download the MakeMyTrip mobile app and earn Rs.1200 for your travel booking. Enter this code – ” 6mkla ” while signing up or click on
    Goibibo – Hi, Use my code 86ECD34 to signup and get ₹3000 goCash. Click to download the goibibo app.
    ClearTrip – Here’s your coupon code for up to Rs. 2000 for your travel or local adventure. Get it by using my link to install the Cleartrip app,
    OYO rooms – Try out the OYO Rooms App and get ₹1000 worth OYO Money. Download link: referral code: DHAIBZLCH


  • We used to wait for our relatives in the US to call us as making an international call was costly but with the government’s initiative to #GoDigital, Google providing free Wi-Fi at railway stations, 4G internet rates being cheaper than 3G, smartphones becoming cheaper we can save money by using internet to make calls (national & international) or send SMS by downloading apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Tango etc. which will help us in saving money as we only need the internet to make calls or send SMS. Smartphones and the internet can help us save a lot of money if everyone starts calling via the internet.


  • I know with the introduction of Reliance Jio, we are getting unlimited calling, SMS & data. We all know it won’t be free for a long time and we need to come back to our networks. We will move back to WhatsApp call, Skype, tango etc. But what if someone we want to connect in India or abroad is not having a smartphone. We can still connect to them through Whatscall (only for android). We need to daily view advertisements and we can earn a few free minutes for the day & save a little money.


  • Have you ever thought of earning money through your smartphone? Earning money! Can a smartphone help me earn money? The answer is Yes. Download TaskBucks (only for android) from here. Install and start earning money. Here is a glimpse of my earnings:taskbucks_paytm



You can earn money just by downloading an app or viewing an advertisement.

The money that you save and earn won’t amount to much but a secondary source of income isn’t a bad thing.

I am currently writing another blog – “Earn money by working 10 mins a day”. Follow my blog to learn more.


  • Technology is moving too fast. Smartphones are getting updated with technology and coming with the best marketing ideas to attract customers. Due to this, we are changing our smartphones almost every year or two. In the pre-smartphone era, before changing our phone we used to think how will I transfer my contacts. Sim cards allow only 250 contacts and if we lost our phone, we would lose all our contacts. With smartphones and the internet, we can directly store our contacts in our google account. Now, when you want to change your phone or you lost your phone, no need to worry about contacts. If you have not backed up your contacts to google, open Settings >>> Accounts >>> Google >>> Check Sync Contactssynccontacts
  • We need to recharge ourselves and it is recommended by doctors that we get 6 – 8 hours of sleep. Similarly, our smartphones need to rest. You can select any time of the day to switch off your phone when you don’t require your smartphone even if it just for 30 minutes.
  • A lot of people charge their phone whenever they are sitting next to a charger or they know they are going out and will require their phone. Doing this is not recommended as your phone battery will get affected and its lifespan will reduce. If your smartphone usage is more and your smartphone does not last for a day, you can buy a power bank which will keep your smartphone charged and your battery safe. You can buy Mi 20000mAH Power Bank (White) which is really good and can charge your phone at least six times. (Planning to buy anything online? Save a few bucks when you buy from my website. Save a few bucks.)
  • Smartphones are here to make us more efficient and productive. We can check email/recharge/pay bills/transfer money/shop/check train status/book hotel/book tickets/book cab etc.
    With the government launched BHIM app, it has become more convenient to transfer money from one account to another. Your bank apps like Axis bank, BoB app, HDFC bank app etc. are also available. (Make sure that you confirm the app before you download)bhim-app
  • Smartphones have been a boon to people who work mostly with jpeg/word/pdf/excel. For example, my dad sends the pdf to his client over WhatsApp and he reviews the pdf and sends a confirmation or corrections or changes if any. This way my dad doesn’t have to wait for the client to open his computer and check his email and then send a confirmation via email. This example does tell us that smartphones certainly have made us more efficient and productive.
  • By downloading apps like Inshorts, TOI we can stay updated with the news. Indirectly we will be saving paper.
  • It will be funny to inform you that you can use your camera’s flash as a torch.
  • With the advancement in technology, smartphones have started understanding hand-written alphabets. The youth wants to lead a fast life and gestures, motion sensors in smartphones have made accessing smartphones effective.igestWhen you draw a “C” on your smartphone screen, it will call a particular number or open your contacts or camera. You can assign according to your choice.
  • With smartphones providing assistance like Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana we can tell our assistant the work which is less important like “Set an alarm for tomorrow 5 AM”, “Open WhatsApp” and various other tasks. Assistants have helped us save time.
  • The craze of visiting new places excites us and we plan our trips but sometimes it happens that the boards and directions are in the state/local language which is difficult for us to read. Google translate comes in handy when we visit such places.googletranslate
  • A lot of restaurants have opened up and it is difficult to select which one to visit. Thanks to Zomato we are able to read reviews of restaurants before visiting them and based on the reviews we can decide the best cuisine or the best dish of that restaurant.
  • “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.” We all love to be fit. Due to hectic work hours, we are not able to follow the gym routine, the gym is far, it is cold in the morning etc. We all have our reasons to not go to the gym or for a jog. With Sworkit we can keep our excuses aside as the app provides us with a lot of options to exercise and sets a reminder that you have to work out. There are many other apps also available.
  • Mumbai is huge and to travel by cab/auto rickshaw is costly. Mumbai has local trains, metro, monorail & buses which can be used while traveling and we can know the timings if we download the app m-Indicator. This helps in planning a travel beforehand and keeps us ahead of time.
  • The website on which my blog is hosted is created partially using my smartphone.
  • With the use of smartphones, my friends and I created an application and the hardware required to measure heart rate and temperature in our final year of engineering. You can know more about the application by viewing the video:

It is estimated that in the near future, computers will only be used by professionals and everyone else will be using smartphones.

Talking about smartphones and the internet it is really difficult to know about everything as every day 2000 applications are added to play store. We can make this blog interesting by sharing knowledge about smartphones and how have you become productive with what applications and others can know about it.

“I consider smartphones and the internet are an investment which can give good return if you know how to use them.”

My speech in Lions Club International on “How to use your smartphone smartly.”

My company provides services like:

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Digital Invitations
  4. Website development
  5. Mobile App development
  6. Programming tuitions
  7. Career counseling.

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